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-----QQ·乐在沟通----- √服务超过90%的移动互联网用户 √多人视频、文件多端互传,不断创新满足沟通所需 √致力于打造欢乐无限的沟通、娱乐与生活体验 -----主要功能----- ·聊天消息:随时随地收发好友和群消息,一触即达。 ·语音通话:两人、多人语音通话,高清畅聊。 ·视频聊天:亲朋好友,想念不如相见。 ·文件传输:手机、电脑多端互传,方便快捷。 ·空间动态:更快获知好友动态,分享生活留住感动。 ·个性装扮:主题、名片、彩铃、气泡、挂件自由选。 ·游戏中心:天天、全民等最热手游,根本停不下来。 ·移动支付:话费充值、网购、转账收款,一应俱全。 乐在沟通18年,聊天欢乐9亿人! -----联系我们----- 如在使用过程中遇到任何问题,请联系我们: - 在线帮助:进入QQ设置 - 关于QQ - 帮助与反馈 - 客服热线:0755 -83763333(服务时间:8:00 - 23:00)/div

----- QQ · Music in communication ----- √ service over 90% of mobile Internet users √ multiplayer video, file transfer multiport mutual and constant innovation to meet the required communication √ committed to creating unlimited joy of communication, entertainment and life experience -----The main function----- · Chat message: send and receive group messages anytime, anywhere and friends, touch up. · Voice calls: two, more than voice calls, HD chat. * Video Chat: friends and family, and I miss not as good as each other. • File transfer: cell phones, computers multiport pass each other easily and quickly. · Spatial dynamics: faster learned friend dynamic share life to keep moving. · Personalized dress: theme, business cards, ring tones, bubbles, hanging freely choose. · Game Center: every day, all the people and so the hottest mobile games, do not stop. · Mobile payments: prepaid recharge, online shopping, payment transfers, everything. Le communication in 18 years, 900 million people happy chat -----contact us----- If you have any problems in use, please contact us: - Online help: QQ into the Settings - About QQ - Help & Feedback - Hotline: 0755-83763333 (Hours: 8:00 - 23:00)